Anna Alise Collins

Anna Alise Collins

June 20, 1989 – June 24, 2022


In Anna’s own words, she was a “Believer, Wife, Mama”, in that specific order. She passed on June 24, 2022 after a hard fought, two-year battle with colorectal cancer. Anna is best remembered for her love and devotion, particularly to her daughter, but to many around her as well as her love for animals.

Anna was born as the younger of two girls in Newport News, Virginia and spent her childhood through college years in Williamsburg before making her “big move” a few hours north to Manassas, Virginia. Her love for animals drove a desire to be a veterinarian but physics tripped up that dream, so she instead found her calling as an elementary school teacher. Always teaching in low-income and title I schools, Anna was often the best advocate and mentor for many of her students, providing a loving environment for learning and development while setting boundaries that were often unfamiliar to many of her students.

Less than one month after moving to Manassas, Anna met her husband Tyler and within a year left Virginia for three years in Hawaii, three years in Minnesota, and three years in California, making friends at gyms with neighbors, and other circles along the way. Over those years, Anna taught at five different schools, coached at three different CrossFit gyms, and house sat for dozens of dogs, cats, and other animals. In those same years Anna also had five dogs, seven cats, three rats, and four chickens as permanent pets or foster pets until they found a forever home of their own.

Anna’s abounding love reached its pinnacle at the birth of her daughter, Sybil. Always a loving and dedicated mother, she devoted herself full time to her stay-at-home mother duties. Anna obsessed over learning activities, early food development, growing up outdoors in nature, and finding ways to help Sybil flourish. She was meticulous in word choice, treating Sybil as someone who understands – even as a young toddler, and ensuring a path to healthy physical and mental development.

Anna is missed dearly by her husband, daughter, parents, sister, and many other relatives and friends. She will be remembered as an amazing, dimple-smiled mother whose love shown through in even the smallest of interactions.

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